Spoilers from the Comic Con panel

Picked up from the Twitter feeds and the EW Live Blog.   Below the jump.

  • Alan Ball says there will be three more romances plus various sexual partners this season but gives no details.  I’m calling Pam/Tara, Steve Newlin/Russell Edgington, but who is the third? Maybe Alcide and the werebitch?
  • Will we see the faery war? There’s a chance in future seasons. (True-blood.net)
  • Anna Paquin says the last scene of the season will blow people minds.  AB said earlier that it will feature Eric, Sookie and Bill.  Will the blood bond be revealed or is it something else?
  • Currently there are no plans for Quinn to be on the show, but AB says that the new showrunner may make a different choice.
  • Currently they will definitely have another season, with possibly another 2-3 before things wind up.
  • Alcide will “sexually eviscerate” someone this season.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of the other parts of the panel, check out EW’s liveblog of the event or DigitalSpy’s account.


One response to “Spoilers from the Comic Con panel

  1. I’m going to go for Steve Newlin and Lafayette, just for the laughs.

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