OTRC Interview with Kristin Bauer

Onethe Red Carpet interview with Kristin Bauer Van Straten (VIDEO)


Favorite exerpts:

Where does she get all of her amazing clothes?

“We take about three weeks to shoot an episode. And we shoot six months ahead of airing so you get this sort of time to get a corset from Canada, but what would we put on the bottom? And then a week later, some latex from Santa Monica Boulevard and then a week later, some custom-made jewelry from Canada, and then [the costume designer] has it all altered and then a huge box from Zappos arrives another week later.”

“It’s pretty amazing. It feels like Christmas, the wardrobe fittings. You know, when you see all the boxes under the tree, you don’t know what’s in there – that’s what a wardrobe fitting is like. Then the hair and makeup, we send them pictures of what I’m going to wear and we all start Googling and sharing pictures and create together these three departments, the Pam look.”

Can you please name a fault or flaw of Alexander’s?

“Hmm. I’m going through the list. He’s not funny? No, he’s funny. He’s kinda dumb? No, very smart. Pretty witty. He’s tall. He’s kinda ugl- no. He’s foreign, that’s kind of alluring. He has good skin. Yeah, I can’t say, I don’t know. Maybe he’s messy. He might not be tidy. I’m sure that’s going to have a lot of women run screaming.”


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