Comic-Con trailer is up *spoilers*

Maybe more thoughts after I digest it and I’m going to see if I can screen cap the parts I’m really curious about.   Spoilers below the Read More.

Updated responses:

  • Bill glamours Sookie to forget she’s anything but human? Oh, that is not going to be good, especially for Sookie.  It leaves her defenseless,IMO.  Bill, you f’n idiot! On the plus side, if Sookie forgets her love for both Bill and Eric, then she can forget her previous biases towards both of them.
  • Bill looks like he is going evil and embracing the idea that God is a vampire.  You can see that is Lafayette in a vehicle that Bill is attacking.
  • The scene with Bill and Sookie in bed doesn’t look like it is a GOOD experience.  And, once again, he’s biting her during sex, unlike Eric.Is that a dream or something real that is happening?
  • Happy to see Ghost Godric because of my theory that he represents Eric’s Moral Compass, whether in reality or symbolically.  If he is there, he is going to stop Eric from doing something bad.
  • Is that Lilith with Salome beside her on Eric’s thrown kicking Pam’s ass, saying “Northman is history”?
  • Love that Lafayette is accepting his mediumship.  Looks like he may the one to help the Bellefluers’ with their little fire problem
  • Reviewing on a slow speed, it looks as if Sookie tries to blast Claude with her fairy light and it doesn’t work, which is what shocks her.
  • Looks like Jason interrupts Jessica while she is feeding on the thigh of some guy.  She’s in her underwear with the guy and then throws on a robe to get the door for Jason.
  • Why is the Authority back in Bill’s mansion in full force?
  • When Pam tells Tara she needs to get back up on her pole, it looks as if they have just had some kind of “moment.” Sexual tension, anyone?
  • It looks as if there was, indeed, a vampire involved in Sookie’s and Jason’s parents’ death, and that Sookie may have been rescued by a fairy.
  • Looks like Alcide is jumping on the hot looking werebitch from his pack.

2 responses to “Comic-Con trailer is up *spoilers*

  1. Season 1, Sookie can’t be glamored – so is this voluntary:?

  2. I’ve been trying to figure that out, TW. Trying to figure out what Bill is doing and whether Sookie is a willing participant or what and HOW it is happening. It’s pretty well established that she can’t be glamoured at all, so I’m not sure how he could be doing it, but that’s what it looks like he’s doing. I’m also wondering if that is what happens this week, so maybe we’ll know how tomorrow.

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