Short summaries for episodes 5.9-5.12 *spoilers*

From SpoilerTV, short summaries of episodes 5.9-5.12: below the Read More cut!

Episode 5.09 – Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Vampires celebrate the start of the holy war; anti-supernatural zealots put Sookie in danger.

Episode 5.10 – Gone, Gone, Gone
Bill puts a spin on the rising vampire violence; Jason uncovers a mysterious scroll.

Episode 5.11 – Song of the Dead Faerie
Bill slips into religious fervor; Sookie seeks insight from the faerie Elder.

Episode 5.12 – Save Yourself
Eric tries to save Bill from losing his humanity.

I’ll throw more of my thoughts up on the Season 5 page after I’ve had a chance to put these together with whatever is already there, but the idea that Bill might be embracing religious fervor makes me think of Salome’s comment that Bill is looking for something to believe in while Eric believes only in himself.  Sounds like the rational place to be mentally in this kind of environment.

I can’t believe we are getting episode descriptions all the way to the end of the season already!


4 responses to “Short summaries for episodes 5.9-5.12 *spoilers*

  1. I heard rumors of bill and sookie nookie in the last episode. Probably a final FU from Alan ball. sigh..

    • Having now seen the clip that was filmed,Soooooooooo not worrying about the Bill/Sookie hookup! It looked like a BAD experience for Sookie with Bill biting her very aggressively. Ooooooh! What if you put several of the Comic-Con spoilers together and this is the last scene of the season: Sookie is in bed with Bill, thinking she is going to turn him from evil, but instead he bites her viciously. And Eric bursts in and tells Bill to get off his “wife.” :-> Okay, probably too much soap opera going on there…but I enjoyed the thought.

  2. …and then she’ll find out she’s bonded to Eric and we’ll have drama for next season. I hope. That’s what it is going to take to purge the visual of a B/S reunion from my head. Where did you hear the rumor, if you don’t mind my asking?

  3. Never mind, found it on E&SLovers. Not as worried as I was when I first read it since the scene is sitll open to interpretation.

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