5.5 “Let’s Boot and Rally” thoughts

Another good episode with some progress on all front. I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the season already, though! SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

What I loved

  • The featured song by Iggy Pop! Instant classic — and I can’t but wonder if the lyrics are meant to apply to certain people.  The first verse reminds me of Sookie and the second of Eric.

Well, little sister we made a mess of you
You wrecked your car and you cracked your tooth
Come and sing our sewer song
Where the weak get loud and the weak get strong

Brother my brother, my oldest friend
Ṗull yourself back up again
Don’t you be no graveyard man
Time to finish what you began

  • Sookie puking  (aka “booting”) on Alcide’s shoes and Eric’s dry, “Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady.” Thank you, Orange Marzipan.
  • Andy and Jason waking up naked after the fairy blast.  Hmmmm, I wonder if they were used and abused before they were dumped off? And loved that Andy is willing to walk away from fairy fun to maintain a relationship with Holly. Good for you, Andy! Although I would guess it it is too late already.
  • Sookie’s take charge attitude. I still wonder if that’s a side effect of Eric’s blood, though. She really seems more together and less squeamish this season, which is refreshing.
  • OMFG, does Tara clean up nice in Pam’s clothes! And the conversation she had with Jessica was great, although I don’t know how long that friendship is going to last since the only thing they really have in common is being young vamps. Except for biting Hoyt and wanting to bang Jason. 😉 Also, got a kick out of the cat fight over Hoyt.
  • I love that it is a female member of the Authority that released Russell! And I’m still thinking it will turn out to be Salome, not Nora.
  • Chris Meloni as Roman is rocking it.  Loved his meditation on the defection of Chancellor Drew and I still have to agree with his sermon on collaborative mainstreaming.
  • Intrigued by the shifter shooting going on, although I’m wondering how the gang of masked killers knows who is a shifter and who isn’t? I love the Sam was honest with Jason and Andy about the fact that Emory and Suzanne were also shifters; a few years ago, he couldn’t have done that and they wouldn’t have had a clue what was really going on. And I can’t believe that Sam and Luna got shot!
  • Russell is back!!!

What I had mixed feelings about

  • I still don’t care about Lafayette’s demon although I was disappointed to see him trash his wall of statues.
  • I’m delighted that I had guessed it was some kind of fire djinn. Sad to see that Terry was truly a participant by shooting that woman in the “dead check” move. He has always seemed like a good guy, but that was not a good move. More on the fire monster itself below.
  • Fangtasia is Pam’s now? Wow.  Not just while Eric is gone? That is hard to get my head around.
  • Nora is clearly losing her mind from the torture. She’s starting to get that psychotic religious fanatic look.  At least it is more interesting than watching her be tortured, which I found dull.
  • Jesus’s decapitated head and sewn up mouth are super creepy and pretty gross. Especially when you know they don’t actually know what happened to Jesus’s body.  *shiver*

What I hated

  • The Kellogg’s product placement in Jason’s dream.  Kind of obnoxious.
  • While I am okay with the idea of the ifrit, the execution kind of sucked. It’s the Lost smoke monster, only not as well done.

Questions for next week from the promo

  • What is happening to Nora while she is in the cell? Is she going to channel Lilith? How will Eric react to Nora’s zealotry once he understands how much deeper it goes than he realized?
  • It looks as if Hoyt is making out with a vamp who then gets shot by the same people who shot the shifters.  When they pull Hoyt into the vehicle, are they kidnapping him or is he one of them already?

2 responses to “5.5 “Let’s Boot and Rally” thoughts

  1. I, too, think it is Salome and how did she know where to find Russell? Easy…he called her to him as her Maker… 🙂

  2. Pat, that’s my call, too! I figure that if only four people knew about where Russell was buried — Eric, Bill, Alcide and Pam — and none of them did it (and I’m sure they didn’t), then it has to be Russell having called his child, just as Eric called Pam. Which actually makes it even more unlikely that it could be Nora since we know Russell was not Nora’s maker!

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