Star interview with Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and ASkars *spoilers*

Lots of chatty behind the scenes details in this interview. Spoilery bits beneath the Read More.

Most spoilery tidbit came from Alan Ball himself and appears to be in reference to season 6:

Even though Ball will not be working on the show in the next season, he has already come up with ideas on which direction the story should best take, and which characters would be given more – or less – prominence. “Somebody that we always thought was very good is going to be very bad,” he shares after much thought, careful not to divulge any more than that.

“Oooh… really? Like ‘Dark Sookie’? Well, how many times can a person get kicked around before she kicks back, right? But then again, Sookie may or may not even be who Alan was talking about,” says Paquin, cheekily.

“There’s a sweetness and a sort of hopefulness about Sookie even after everything she’s been through, which I find really endearing about her,” she continues.

Does “very good turned very bad” presage Dark Hoyt? Because I can’t think of many other characters besides Sookie herself that I would characterize as “very good.”

Darn, I was still hoping to see Bill really revealed as Dark Bill, but he already doesn’t count in my mind as “very good.”


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