KBVS interview about 5.4 Pam/Eric scenes

Nice postscript to the episode with Kristin Bauer van Straten’s insight into her scenes with Alex Skarsgard in the latest episode.

My favorite quote:

Skarsgard has become one of the most popular (and desired) actors on the HBO series. And, although she has worked with him over five years and in varying states of undress, Bauer says she hasn’t become immune to the Swedish actor’s charms.

“I’ve been glamoured by him,” the actress says. “Kristin loves Alex and I just think that he is just an amazing man and he’s my buddy. He is such an intelligent, sweet funny guy.”

“So any scene when I’ve had to play worrying about him burning in the parking lot, I can just turn on the waterworks, because all I do is think about Alex being hurt,” Bauer adds. “And then on top of it you have all the feelings that I’ve been creating and coming up with for Pam. So, I think I’m thoroughly glamoured.”


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