Revisiting the 5 shocking 5.4 spoilers

Because, hey, I’m just not getting any more writing on He’s Not There done for the rest of the night. It goes without saying.

So, I posted about the 5 “shocking” 5.4 spoilers earlier this week.  Let’s put them together with the Boston Herald shockers from tonight and what predictive tweaks do I need to make?

Here are three of the five spoilers with updated speculation.  (The other two had no new info that I could figure out!)

2. Angel of Death: Everyone (except for some four-legged friends) is hating on Sookie (Anna Paquin). Is it really her fault that death follows her like a duck on a junebug? Maybe some folks have a right to be irritated, but trying to kill her seems a wee bit extreme, no?

Original thoughts:  Okay, who would try to kill Sookie? Tara ? The Pelts? Does Alcide tell on her? UPDATE: I think now we can say that it the “Angel of Death” header is a big clue! Boston Herald’s edition of Clue is predicting “Lafayette in the ??  with a hex…”

3. An Offer She Can’t Refuse:
Death might seem preferable after Sookie’s betrayal makes an immortal enemy of one of her former lovers who needs her special gifts — and will do whatever it takes to force her to use them.

Original thoughts: This is the really scary one to me!  Sookie makes an “immortal enemy” of one of her former lovers? Well, she’s only got two.  The only hope I have is that since Bill has been shown saying that they should force her, he’s the one she pisses off. Although TB keeps surprising me, so who can say? UPDATE: Okay, now I’m even more flipped out because of the likelihood that Eric and Bill are going to see Sookie hook up with Alcide. Who is going to view that as a “betrayal”? I’m guessing Eric, which means he could go from Mr. “She doesn’t want to see us again” to being the one who really will make her cooperate, despite Bill paying lip service to the idea.   Because that is so how I would write that for the angst potential! On the other hand, this bodes well for Sooric because you have to make the break up/separation angsty before you can bring the couple back together.  If Bill is the more upset at seeing Sookie with another man, that will be worse news from an E/S shipper POV, IMO.

4. Hunting Party: Forget Sookie for a minute: Sam (Sam Trammell) is the one who will be surrounded by corpses — victims of violent murder — by the end of the episode. Seems things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better for the shape-shifting barkeep.

Original thoughts:  Hmmm.  So, are these the bodies of people who have been sacrificed for Russell? Or is this to do with the possibility of people shooting the two-natured? UPDATE: Okay, I think we can safely go with the latter at this point.  Sam is going to find his shifter circle buddies brutally murdered.  So, so sad because I did like them.  😦

Sooooooooooooo watching tonight’s episode with a hard limeade in hand. But at least I am prepared for some angst!



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