Last-minute 5.4 spoilers

Because, yeah, I can’t actually wait an hour and a half to see this for myself.  The Boston Herald posted spoilers for tonight’s episode which are below the Read More line. I’d give credit to the actual author, but s/he doesn’t seem to have a byline.

‘True Blood’ spoilers!: ‘Three days old and she has an eating disorder!’


On tonight’s episode of HBO’s “True Blood,” “We’ll Meet Again,” Pam saves Tara from her tanning-bed suicide stunt – just as I predicted – and takes her under her unholy wing.

Alcide and Jessica, separately, work to protect Sookie from the authorities and other wolves for killing Debbie.

Jason parties at another dimensional club and learns a startling truth about his parents’ deaths.  Sam gets to a dinner party, but, oops!, the hosts are already dead. Roman finds a traitor among the Authority and bestows upon that quisling the true death, even if it does mean ruining his shirt. Lafayette casts a hex that nearly kills Sookie.

Eric and Bill return to Bon Temps, determined to find out who released Russell Edgington.  Eric and Pam reach a crucial point in their maker-progeny relationship, while Bill takes pride in Jessica’s behavior.

Sookie realizes the entire town hates her for what happened to Tara and gets rip-roaring drunk.

After three seasons, Alcide finally gets his greatest wish – too bad for him and viewers, it comes off like a drunken hook-up – and is witnessed by the last two people who should ever know about it.

“True Blood” airs at 9 p.m.

My thoughts:

  • Hmm, wondering who Jessica is protecting Sookie from? The authorities or wolves? And does she know because of Jason? I’m assuming that Bill is proud of his progeny for this protection and not hosting keggers in the royal mansion.
  • I’m thinking that Sam is going to go to one of the regular shifter dinner meet ups and find all his friend dead. RIP, Emory and Suzanne. (I’m assuming Luna is too busy dealing with her daughter’s impending wolfiness to attend.
  • Maybe Eric really is going to release Pam.  I didn’t think he’d do it, but I am thinking now that he will and make some excuse about it being her time to grow up and be independent now that she’s a Maker.
  • It’s not bad for me if Sooicide comes across like a drunken hook-up.  And hopefully, that will be the end of it. Who wants to bet that the two people who see it are Eric and Bill?  Because I can’t imagine anyone else would care, unless it is Debbie Pelt’s parents.



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