KBVS interview *mild spoilers*

Celebuzz talked to Kristin Bauer Van Straten about Pam’s estrangement from Eric, being a maker, and Pam’s delish Edwardian wardrobe.

My favorite Q&A:

CB: What else did you love about playing Pam before she was a vampire?
KB: Wardrobe, because we always put Pam in corsets and now we go, “Oh yeah, she was alive then. She’s borrowing from that time period, that’s when she grew up.” And the hairstyles we do in modern day, we have a couple of outfits that are almost period pieces. We have an 80s look that’s coming up. The costume designers got a great outfit from eBay – it’s vintage 80s and we thought, “Right she’d probably thoroughly embrace the 80s and live through it.” So, it’s fun to tie in all the pieces in hindsight. We had to film all this stuff not knowing what Pam’s exact story was. And the writers are so brilliant that they find the storyline that fits all that we’ve seen and we know.

And what were Eric and Pam doing in the ’80s, do you suppose? We know Bill was in England, partying it up in the punk bars.  I’m guessing Pam was more of a disco or Dallas kind of girl, so what would Eric have been doing? Were they in Dallas with Godric? Or maybe partying it up at Studio 54?



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