Sookie and Alcide? Interview with Joe Manganiello *spoilers*

Tucked in at the end of an interview with Joe Manganiello about his role in Magic Mike, some possible hints about Sookie and Alcide this season. Below the Read More.

Q: To shift gears, is there anything you can say about the new “True Blood” season?

A: The heat gets turned up on my character … dramatically, emotionally, physically, sexually, romantically. I think all aspects, the volume has been turned up. I saw “Magic Mike” and I thought to myself, man, I’m nervous for my parents to see what I’m doing in this movie. To be honest with you, I then shot a bunch of scenes on this season of “True Blood” and thought to myself, wow, I really don’t know how comfortable I am with my parents watching that.

Q: Interesting.

A: Yeah, working on “Magic Mike” and kind of the sexual nature of it really opened up this whole Kama Sutra of possibilities for “True Blood,” let’s say.

Q: This sounds like it’s going to make the fans very happy.

A: Aside from that, Alcide’s father, Jackson Herveaux, is being played by Robert Patrick. Man, he and I just had instant chemistry from the second we started working together. … Our relationship is so dark and full of history. There are these classic, really epic father-and-son scenes where nothing’s being said but years and years of trouble is being conveyed. It’s really great.

My thoughts: I knew they were going to go there this season with Sooicide, but I hoped it wouldn’t got all that far thanks to the whole “It’s okay to be alone, Sookie,” speech from last year.  Joe M is hot and all, and Sookie is two post-breakup hookups behind Eric at this point, but I am way more threatened as a Sooric shipper if she gets serious with Alcide. In the books, the breeding obligations of the packmaster were obviously a deal-breaker, but at this point on the show, Alcide is actually a very viable candidate for suiter.


I may have to start drinking on Sunday nights.



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