The “three couples” spoiler revisited

Michael Ausiello, I love you dearly, but You. Can’t. Count.

Michael predicted:

Question: I’m on the fence about this season’s True Blood. Tell me something that will make me want to stick with it. —Lori
Ausiello: Three “couples” will have sex for the first time in this Sunday’s episode.

Let’s revisit my speculation, shall we?

My most likely to do the deed speculations are were as follows (and I feel I got 3/3):

  • Pam and Eric. That’s a given since this is the flashback to Pam’s making and there have been clips floating around of them in bed. But that leaves two more to go and they are much harder to guess! CHECK!
  • Jason and his former teacher?  There’s a casting call for a former of teacher of Jason’s, requiring the actress be topless, so I think this is a strong possibility for couple #2. Although why Jason would do something that dumb when the universe has been whomping him upside the head for his sexual promiscuity for two episodes already, I don’t know. CHECK!
  • Bill and the prostitute he and Lorena are going to kill in 1905 San Francisco? If it’s a threesome involving a couple, does that count as one couple or two? CHECK!

But we also had:

So, basically SIX couples having sex for the first time on screen, of whom I would count Pam/Eric, Bill/prostitute, Eric/Salome and Bill/Salome as likely true “first times.”

So, Michael, who were you counting exactly? Geeky fangirls want to know!


2 responses to “The “three couples” spoiler revisited

  1. hell, my counting was off too! lol! i counted four –eric/pam, jason/teacher, bill/salome and eric/salome– how dumb was that! you were spot on with your predictions, hooray! here’s hoping your other predictions/theories would be on the dot as well. oh please, oh please, oh please!

  2. And the thing is, the only couple that actually had sex ON SCREEN was Bill/Salome. Everyone else was technically either before or after. So I just don’t know how MAusiello was counting. He saw all four of the first episodes of the season, so it wasn’t like he only saw a snippet. I suppose no one would have believed him if he said you would see SIX couples having sex (first time or not!)

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