TV Guide interview with Valentina Cervi *Spoilers*

Geez, who decided to open the spoiler floodgates this week?

TV Guide has an interview with Valentina Cervi (Salome) talking about her arc this season, particularly her relationships with Bill and Eric.  (There are some hints that has some erotic overtones — with both of them.) The interview has so much in it that you really must read the whole thing.  If I didn’t feel like a total hypocrite professionally, I’d copy the whole thing because there is that much meat in this interview.  Read, read, read! Don’t look below the Read More line if you don’t want to know.

I did copy some excerpts, though:

What do Salome and The Authority want from Bill and Eric?
There’s an apparent reason and it is to bring them on her side. She wants people to be on her side, and she understands who people are. At the beginning, she can’t really trust Eric. She knows Eric, she knows everything from his past, and she knows about Godric and Nora. With Bill, she feels that he is someone she can, in some way, manipulate more. At the same time, she respects Bill more because she sees his heart and she knows that he has a good heart. She’s really intrigued by him. She will have feelings for both of them during the season. It’s not that she wants something; she’s a loving character, even if it doesn’t seem like it. She’s full of love and needs to be loved. It’s complicated.

Does she actually have feelings for them or is she just using them?
Things will develop and will change in the course of the season. At the beginning she is just cool. She is just testing the ground with both of them. In [this Sunday’s episode], she is real. What she says is real. Of course she has her agenda, but I think that deep inside, she really feels for Bill, and for Eric in a different way, because she can’t trust him. Being a control freak as she is, she wants to know where everybody stands and she doesn’t know if he could stand next to her.

Salome was close with Nora. Is there a chance Salome may decide to switch sides to the Sanguinista movement?
We don’t know what Nora’s plan really is right now, but the thing is, she is like my sister. I sponsored her Chancellorship at the beginning, and so her betrayal really hurts me. We will see who stands on whose side. Not everything is what it seems. I think she loves Nora as a sister and she feels incredibly bad, but I also think that everybody has to do what they have to do, so they’re going to have an explanation afterwards of why Nora did what she did. Who knows that what you see is what it seems? Maybe there’s another backup plan.

My thoughts: Everything in this interview seems to be hinting that Nora is, indeed, really a Sanguinista! And maybe she is going to be the vampire who ends up staked because Cervi uses the past tense at points when she is talking about her.  Maybe Eric’s grief in episode 4 is that Nora has met the True Death, but he is shocked to find out she was a religious zealot so that he feels he never really knew her.

In the interview, Cervi also keeps saying that “at the beginning” Salome is trying to protect Roman, guide him, save him, etc. It is still hard to suss out Salome’s position.  She was close to Nora and is trying to peg Bill and Eric’s positions, but where are her own? Cervi says, “She wants the Vampire Bible to be really respected and with all the consequences that it will bring.” She also adds that “Salome really believes that Lilith is The Goddess, that Lilith is the God that we have to trust, and follow, and believe everything that is written in the Bible is true.”

I’m intrigued to know why Salome feels so much more distrust with Eric.  Bill is clearly a mainstreamer; Eric might have been a Sanguinista but for Sookie and I suppose the tension will be whether he remains pro-human after the break up with Sookie or not.

Other thoughts and insights? There is so much information here that I am sure I have missed something!


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