Is Nora Going to Betray Eric? *spoilery speculation*

When I start to speculate about TB before I’ve even gotten out of bed in the morning, you know I spend way to much time thinking about it.  But you can blame my mental OCD about this show for the following speculation.  Note, this is not a spoiler — I know nothing — but just my speculation.

In 5.1, we have Nora and Eric reconnect and it is almost too good to be true for Eric.  We have the passionate reunion, the mutual declarations of how much they mean to one another: Nora is risking everything and tells both Eric and Bill that she would do anything for Eric, which Eric follows up with his own heart-felt declaration that he feels the same.

That Eric is invested in his love and trust for Nora is underscored in 5.2 as every time that she is threatened once they are captured, he has to stifle his reaction. [That Bill keeps giving him sidelong looks every time he does this also makes me wonder if Eric is normally better at hiding his emotions, but that is another theory. ;-)] Clearly, Eric trusts Nora, literally with his life.  And a bunch of his other bits, too, but I am not going to be bitter about that.  ;-P

And yet, despite this lovefest of Nora trust, by the time Eric comes to Pam in this future clip, his trust in everyone appears to have been broken. When this promo first aired, I thought this is the residual of his break-up with Sookie, but we’ve seen that Eric, for all his hurt at Sookie’s hands, still has (at this date) complete trust in Nora. So, what happens that takes him from that utter confidence in his sibling’s love for him to the haunted, hunted person we see later in the season? We can assume he has been released by the Authority to hunt for Russell, so this isn’t necessarily Eric-on-the-run as I originally assumed. No, something else has f’ed with Eric’s head at this point, and I woke up this morning convinced it is some sort of betrayal by Nora.

How would Nora betray Eric at this point? I’m have no clue, but my gut is saying she will. We the audience have been set up to believe in Nora’s utter fidelity to Eric, but TB likes to twist these things with surprises, and doesn’t it all seem a little too good to be true?

Then again, I sometimes feel like I’m turning into a crazy fanfiction writer conspiracy theorist!


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