E! Online spoilers for 5.3

I’ve been enjoying the Eric/Pam flashback, but I’m really looking forward to next week now because of a spoiler from E!Online that tells me that two things I suspected are correct.

Spoilers below the Read More.

First up, concerning the flashback to Pam and Eric in 1905 San Francisco:

Biting the Merchandise:As you will soon learn Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), Bill, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam have a very long, sordid and interesting history. Bill and Lorena were out sowing their wild oats when he and Eric clashed before. This fun flashback also explains why Pam isn’t the biggest Bill Compton fan.

YESSSSSS!!!!! I have been hoping that the vampire duo committing the prostitute murders was Bill and Lorena, not only because it completely fits their MO, but it gives Eric, Pam, and Bill a history that explains so much of their interpersonal interactions.  Here’s to Bill and Lorena and their murderous ways — and Eric’s intervention to save Pam.

Next up, something about Nan Flanagan’s replacement:

The New Nan Flanagan: Reverend Newlin (Michael McMillian) isn’t just showing up in Bon Temps to make himself an unwanted party crasher, he’ll have a whole new role at the Authority. He’s the best person to take over the old face of the Vampire Authority now that he’s a vampire and a smooth-talking religious nut spokesperson.

This development did not occur to me until I was watching 5.2 and seeing Rev. Steve become the talking head of the vampire agenda in an informal way already, much like Nan used to do.  The truly interesting thing about this is that we don’t yet know what Steve is up to; we know he likes power (according to the Interactive Commentary for 5.2) and he was certainly spouting the mainstreaming party line on screen, but we also know that later in the season, he says that humans are meant to be farmed.  So which aspect of Steve Newlin is true? The mainstreamer or the vampire fundamentalist?  And if the vampire fundamentalist is his true agenda, then was he turned in order to replace Nan deliberately? And by whom? Lots of interesting questions there.


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