I’ve got a theory

…it could be bunnies!

No, not really, but that shout out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been in my head all day. 😉

One thing that was bugging me tremendously at the end of season 4 was that after Eric got his memory back, he was still so obsequious to Bill.  I just didn’t get it because it was such a change in Eric’s character and I didn’t particularly like it.  But some things struck me after the season 5 premiere that make it suddenly very interesting.

  • In the season 4 blu ray commentary Pam has the following to say after Eric tells her he will kill her if she doesn’t get out of his sight outside Moon Goddess: “I’m not entirely convinced the spell is over. That, or it has some lasting effects.  Eric is still acting like a pussy, getting all hot and bothered over a little human. It isn’t the first time Eric’s gotten mad at me; that vampire has a temper.  That’s part of what makes him so fantastic. Like this one time, I closed the bar down early. It was a slow night and I had a date with a hot Jewish girl from Albuquerque, but he got over that within a few minutes. This just isn’t like him.  I’ve known him long enough to know that he’s acting weird.  And Eric Northman outgrew weird 1,000 years ago.”
  • At the end of season four, Eric was still being considerate to Bill in a way I found odd, but I thought it was probably because he was trying to be a better person for Sookie’s sake.  Now that he no longer has that motivation, I was shocked when he immediately went to Bill’s rescue after the car explosion.  I can appreciate a more considerate Eric better than some who are more invested in his BAMF persona, but I found it just bizarre. Hell, even Bill Compton thought it was strange!
  • And then, we have Sookie, who explains to Lafayette that she killed Debbie because she wanted to kill her.  Forget self defense; she made a conscious choice to act.  This is also a big change in Sookie’s established character. She also has begun to lie extremely well and with complete calm.

So, let us assume that both Eric and Sookie are demonstrating significant changes from their previous personalities: Eric demonstrating a more light side of his personality and Sookie having turned darker.

What if it is the result of the blood exchange between Eric and Sookie when he insisted they would be “one”?

My theory is that Eric and Sookie now have some kind of mystical bond that has somehow put some part of the other person inside them.  Eric has Sookie in him — the part that is willing to take care of Bill — and Sookie has Eric in her — the part that killed Debbie.

As crazy as it sounds, I even began wondering about Eric’s cleaning spree in Bill’s office in this context.  Yeah, it needed to be done, and I believe Eric would do it, but I still found it strange that Eric would be doing something normally so closely associated with Sookie.

I’m going to be watching intently the next few episodes to see if there is any further evidence that I am on to something here because I love the idea.

2 responses to “I’ve got a theory

  1. I hope you are right, because if Sookie gets back with Bill I am going to cancel HBO and stop watching True blood. I know that Anna and bill’s actor is married in real life, but they signed up to do a show where Eric is a big romantic interest in sookies life. If they did not want to do that they should not have signed on to do the parts, even with as much as I love their acting. Eric is Sookie’s soul make in the books, or at least I beleive so, if she stopped being so hard headed!

    • I still have a lot of hope that Eric and Sookie are end game if there IS an end-game on TB that way. (And you never know; AB likes romance, but he likes his angst, too!) You might want to check out the page I have on the season 5 blu-ray extras. There was some stuff in there — especially some of the things Godric said about Eric and Sookie and the importance of their relationship — that I think may end up being meanintful, especially if they are going to have a blood bond.

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