Blu-ray Extras, 4.12: And When I Die

The final entry! If you missed the other ones, I have put all the blog posts onto a single page which compiles all the blu-ray extra commentary for season 4 together.

Blu-Ray Extras, 4.12: And When I Die

  • Godric, on the afterlife: “From the very beginnings of mankind, different ideas of an afterlife have arisen. I think it is just part of being human, wanting to believe that there is something else after all this. My people – my human people – believed in many deities. The reward of eternal life depending on currying favor with the right gods.  The Greeks believed in something eternal within us, something that survived death. Eric’s Norse tradition gave us Valhalla, the warriors’ paradise and of course Christianity offers an enormous range of ideas about heaven, from the child-like world full of clouds and angels to something less tangible, almost approaching a Buddhist sensibility. The bitter irony of a vampire’s eternal existence: the longer you live, the less certainty you have; paradigms come and go, leaving you with nothing to cling to. In the end, you have no choice but to live in the present, taking advantage of whatever time you have accorded to you by whatever cosmic plan you ascribe to. Being in the now, cultivating good karma, and loving others as I loved myself: these were the principles that guided the last act of my life. [Maybe I’m stretching the conclusion here, but if Godric is speaking as if he were Buddhist, can we assume his voice is, in some way, the voice of Alan Ball? Because that would present some interesting insights if that were the case.]
  • Maxine Fortenberry’s pork rind casserole includes packets of frozen broccoli, slices of Kraft Singles American cheese, smashed pork rinds and LOTS of salted butter.
  • According to Don Bartolo, Jesus knows better than to call the Aztec gods again, so he calls the deities of Voodoo and the goddess of the Mexican Day of the Dead.  Don Bartolo feels that a real man/brujo would not give up his magic, so he feels contempt (again) for Jesus.
  • According to Nan, who explains the origins of Halloween/Samhain, the explosion of Halloween as a “Hallmark holiday” was the result of the vampire agenda.  Since the holiday is sacred to Wiccans, making it all about the less sacred side of the holiday would keep witchcraft from being taken seriously.
  • Info when Holly is smoking pot and offers some to Sookie: “Sookie has only smoked pot twice in her life.  The first time, when Jason was in high school, he tried to get her high but she didn’t feel the effects of the drug. The second time, the high prevented her from having control over hearing people’s thoughts. She locked herself in her bedroom and blasted a Destiny’s Child album until the effects wore off. “
  • Pam, reflecting on why Eric didn’t call her while he and Bill were chained to the pyre by Marnie-in-Lafayette: “Me and Eric? Our relationship wasn’t a one-way street, you know. Sure, he taught me everything I know:  how to hunt and kill and fuck like a vampire, but I had his back. I was there for him when he needed me. I would kill anything for him, he knows that. He should have summoned me.  I would have thrown down the gauntlet and gotten rid of Marnie and that mouthy little tart Lafayette, too. [Pause where she looks emotional.] Maybe he just needs time to come around. [She pauses and shakes her head.] Who am I kidding? Eric never says a word he doesn’t mean. I’m fucked.” [So, she is feeling that Eric is cutting her off but good.  Notice she is using past tense when referring to her relationship with Eric. ]
  • Pam, on Jessica’s chat with Jason as they are having sex in his living room: “At long last, the girl gets the idea. Sex, blood, sex, more blood: it’s all there is to it. We can even go trolling for pets together. [Looks sad] I’m in need of a friend. Jessica’s going to break a lot of hearts. She’ll probably eat a few, too.”
  • While Pam is talking about Eric’s history with women and the seduction of supermodels and princesses: “Pam is not exaggerating. Eric had relationships with two Spanish duchesses, a Hapsberg, a Czarina, and countless ladies-in-waiting. As royalty began to wane, Eric sought out the elite in any form he could find. The advent of films, magazines and widely read media offered up a 20th century equivalent to royalty: Stars. It Girls. Actresses. And eventually…supermodels.  All things come to an end, however, and somewhere around his fling with Lauren Hutton, Eric outgrew his obsession, much to Pam’s relief.” [Okay, so Eric was kind of a fame whore? And gotta laugh: Lauren Hutton is known for the gap in her teeth, much like a certain faery waitress.  So, does this mean Eric has a thing for gap-toothed women? I’m so in luck… 😉 ]
  • Why Eric and Bill are wearing matching bathrobes: “One of Bill’s first kingly actions was hiring a designer to ‘tie the place together.’ The designer, Gerry, began by ordering matching robes, towels, and washcloths.”
  • Don Bartolo says spirits go to their ‘waiting place’ after death, but what that is depends on the person.  Jesus’s seems to be peaceful; Marnie’s is more likely torment.  And after that, they go to the unknown emptiness, which no one knows anything about.
  • As Jessica and Jason talk about their relationship: “For many vampires, drinking blood without killing the human is an act of incredible intimacy. A vampire can detect emotions in the exchange of blood. A willing donor will therefore give off a rich bouquet of desire, love or lust that the vampire can literally taste.” [So, when Eric talks in season 2 about missing biting the unwilling, it could be as much a taste thing as a power/violence thing.  It also has interesting implications about the differences between when he bit Sookie with Russell and when he bit her after the sun spell.]
  • When Jason tells Jessica that her not drinking his blood because it’s too intimate, “kinda like a hooker with kissing,” the commentary says: “Jason’s never seen an actual hooker but insists that he knows a lot about the subject because he’s seen ‘Pretty Woman.’ “ [What? They don’t have any hookers in Bon Temps? At all?]
  • Nan on being fired from the Authority: “When you get fired from the Authority, you don’t get called into your boss’s office for a nice little meeting where they let you know it’s time to part ways and they give you a decent severance and good references. You’re sent a message; in this case, a succinct and very unexpected message that informs you, in rather veiled terms, that your services will no longer be needed. It also implies, in less veiled terms, that there’s going to be a price on your head after you complete your official duties. I dedicated over 700 years of my life to the Authority and I put out good, solid work. But with the friction between opposing factions, I guess I was just an easy target. You know what I say? Their loss.”
  • Godric, after Bill and Eric have killed Nan and the stormtroopers: “I do not believe that killing is ever the only way out of a situation. With time and rationality, any situation can be resolved peacefully. In the chaos and confusion of Nan’s visit, however, I can see where they felt no possible alternative but to destroy the immediate threat. But their short-term survival might cost them in the long run. The Authority’s suspicions were already raised. Killing Nan will already confirm those suspicions. Bill and Eric will rise to the top of the Authority’s most wanted list and it’s a list that no vampire stays on for very long.”

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