Great Godric quote

I’m loving the blu-rays of season 4 for the wonderful insights of Godric as he observes Eric and Sookie’s relationship. Check out this comment, which is what is playing while Eric is feeding Sookie his blood after the sun spell:

“Being a vampire is not a black and white mentality. It’s far more complex. We’re both the worst and the best that humanity has to offer. The most evolved – and the least. That Sookie can put aside her apprehensions is a miracle and Eric, receiving her trust, is pulled to the more human side of his being. Watching these two proves that real coexistence is possible, that humans can inspire true love or trust or altruism, a shift in the vampire collective mentality.”

There is so much shippery Sooric goodness in there! More to come when I post all the notes for 4.8, Spellbound.



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