Blu-ray Extras for 4.2, You Smell Like Dinner

Blu-ray Extras for 4.2, You Smell Like Dinner

Just a reminder that I’m only transcribing the stuff I care about.  There’s a lot more on the disc that I am not taking the time to write down.  Italicized things are direct quotes; everything else is my paraphrase or commentary. I’m hoping to do one or two episodes a night for the next few days, although I’m also planning on going to Comic-Con later this week.

  • Crystal’s take on what traveling “all over this wide world” on the “honeymoon” she took with  Felton entails: They went to Texas, then Mexico, then Texas, then back to Louisiana.  Super romantic – if you’ve never been out of Hot Shot. 😉
  • Eric found out that Jason had reluctantly put up the house for sale just a few days after the announcement.  Pam saw it in the local paper, and thinking it was funny, showed it to her maker.  Much to her surprise, Eric decided to buy the house. [So, either the TB writers don’t know about property laws that don’t allow a relative of a missing person to sell a house out from under the person until they’ve been declared dead; or the vampires have gotten those pesky kinds of laws changed.  If you go missing, perhaps your family can now do whatever they want to with your stuff without waiting 7 years.]  
  • Katerina [Pelham, Bill’s female security staff member he is sleeping with] first met Bill Compton when the King of Louisiana’s vampire security advisors suggested he take on a human female agent for help with his various reconnaissance missions.  He was so impressed with her training and field expertise that he offered her the job within the first 15 minutes of their meeting.
  • According to Pam, the protestors outside Fangtasia have been doing it for a year and are always the same group of people.  (She notes that they all look alike, which makes her wonder about in-breeding.) And a great Pam line: “And what the fuck is a Twitter? Sounds like something a New Amsterdam streetwalker would do for an extra hundred.”
  • Bill’s security detail was carefully selected by a committee within the Authority in charge of protecting important constituents. Bill was also personally involved in this selection process.  The team consists of both human and vampire guards. Many of the humans are ex-military, but some are simply mercenaries of the world.  Although it’s a dangerous job, the benefits are so great that it’s a hard position to turn down.
  • When Bill tells Sookie that Eric has friends in high places, the DVD popup comments “Even Bill does not know the true extent of Eric’s ‘friends in high places.’ “
  • When Nan Flanagan finds Bill in 1982 London, she admits she had been following him for several years, as well as several other vampires.  She felt he had more “potential” and “charisma” than other vamps, however, which would make him useful for a project assigned to her by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Authority. They wanted new leadership to infiltrate the monarchies and follow the influence of the Authority to implement mainstreaming.  Bill Compton was a part of that plan.
  • Nobody really knows when the vampire monarchs came about, or how they rose to power. The only vampire who might be able to explain these matters is buried under a cement foundation… [So, Russell is the oldest vampire in existence?]
  • When the Flashback option offers to show you what kind of gifts an “old soul” like baby Mikey might have, it shows his ability to see the ghost Mavis. I thought his ability to see ghosts was more of a “baby” thing, but perhaps they will do something with it later on, then.
  • Felton got Crystal hooked on V while they were in Dallas as part of their baby-making plans.
  • The skeletons in Luna’s closet include “lots of sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and bad boys.”
  • Great Arlene line when talking about the value of family: “Family is family; not counting my first four husbands.”
  • Eric wanted a cubby that simple and modern, but also reminded him of his homeland.  He had Pam hire a well-known vampire designer from Chicago and the cubby was built in a week.
  • [Off Jessica crawling out of her crawlspace in the closet] A vampire’s cubby is not very different than a human’s bedroom. Some prefer to decorate and personalize the space, while others look at merely as a “crash pad.” Some vampires opt out of cubbies entirely, and remain committed to the old way: coffins.  But since the Great Revelation and mainstreaming, coffins have, for the most part, but thrown by the wayside.
  • [As Bill orders his goon squad to kill Sophie-Anne.] When the details of this initiative to kill the Queen were worked out and actually put into motion is known only within the higher ranks of the Authority, who ultimately signed off the on the execution.
  • Nan Flanagan explains that the monarchs derive their power from the Authority – now. The monarchies used to have more power and consequently abused it, but the Authority has worked hard to change that power structure over the centuries. Nan likes Bill because he respects the Authority’s power and “plays the game with a smile on his face.”
  • Pam really hates Sookie, referring to her as a troublemaker who has only been back five minutes and is already raining on a little vampire’s (Jessica’s) parade. Pam earlier had said she would never pick Sookie to be a pet for Eric.
  • ­[After Sam discovers that Tommy’s leg has healed.] No one really knows how long Tommy’s leg has been in working condition.  He has kept this hidden from everyone, including Maxine Fortenberry.  Although he initially felt pangs of guilt for lying, that quickly subsided and Tommy basked in the sympathy and attention his injury brought him.
  • Eric’s ability to instill fear within not only humans, but vampires alike, has given him a reputation that precedes him. The residents of Bon Temps, Shreveport, and even a handful of those from New Orleans know better than to mess with him.
  • When Marnie casts the spell on Eric, she is saying, “Now I command and charge you, O evil spirit! That you immediately bring! [sic] Having been brought, and the circles I depart, without the noise, terror, tumult, and stench, as well to all the damages, without of my both body and soul…” [WTF? Did they use Google translate to come up with this? I found a better translation online after the episode aired.]
  • Crystal tells the story of how she got pregnant while she was of the age to go to junior high (if she had ever actually gone to school) by a boy from Bon Temps. She got an abortion in Shreveport.  Since she hasn’t gotten pregnant by Felton when they are having sex constantly (thanks to his V use), she thinks that Felton must be sterile.

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