Mark Hudis named new showrunner

Mark Hudis has been named the new showrunner in place of Alan Ball.  He joined the True Blood team in the fourth season and was co-executive producer for all 12 episodes. He was the writer for 4.5 “Me and the Devil” and 4.11 “Soul of Fire.”  He is also listed as the writer for two as yet unaired season 5 episodes, “Authority Always Wins” and “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

To refresh our memories, “Me and Devil” is the episode that contains Eric’s dream about Godric, Tommy Mickens killing his parents, Hoyt and Jason having the bizarrely humourous conversation about Jason being raped in HotShot, Jason’s sexual dream about Jessica turning into Hoyt, Sookie being warned about Eric by the ghost of her Gran, and the big kiss at the end of the episode between Eric and Sookie.  For me, the pros and cons are evenly enough divided here that I can’t get too excited; I was especially put off by the tone of the rape conversation at the time.  I just don’t know that Hudis and I have a similar sense of humor.

“Soul of Fire” contains: Alcide killing Marcus and abjuring Debbie, Eric and Bill (stupidly) offering to die for Sookie’s sake while she sobs pathetically in the ring of fire; Pam shooting the missile at Sookie; Eric ripping out Ray’s heart.

Okay, so still not warming up to the idea of this guy being in charge of the story line.  :-/  He wrote some good scenes, but I also thought 4.11 had some of the dumbest developments all season, particularly the offer of the pointless double vamp suicide.

That said, I’m not big on hitting the wailing wall until I am sure I have reason to, so the jury is still out. I just hope I don’t miss myself actually missing Alan Ball.

ETA: The more I think about it, the weirder it seems to me that they are handing over showrunning to someone who has only been with the show for a previous season.  Why not hand it off to Alexander Woo or Raelle Tucker?  I am not a TV production expert, so maybe I’m missing some part of the story, but I just find it odd. Anyone have any insight?


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