TV Guide article *spoilers*

Extremely spoilery TV Guide article featuring Anna Paquin and Chris Meloni, with scans of the pages.

A couple of thoughts here:

  • Tara being mad at Sookie and bonding with someone she is least likely to bond with supports the theory that Tara is turned by Pam.  I’m guessing that Sookie asks for Tara to be turned and then Pam does it in order to make up having tried to shoot Sookie (and win back some points with Eric in the process.)
  • I like the spoilers about Russell coming back different than he was.  But who dug him up? I heard rumors that he was dug up by someone surprising.  Maybe this ties into the anti-vampire terrorist cells? Or could it be vampires who want Russell to overturn the Authority?
  • And a particularly intriguing spoiler, IMO: “One of our main characters is going to go through a profound transformation in the final episode.” At this point, I’m wondering if Jason really IS going to turn into a werepanther!

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