The lemon chapter

With a special shout out to my friend MA, who doesn’t read fanfic but is faithfully checking out my story despite the genre because he likes my writing.  This is the *shhhhhhh* chapter full of smut, aka in the fanfiction world as “lemons.”  You may ask why there is SO MUCH sex in this chapter.  On screen, the time period covered in this story had four such incidents shown on screen in about a three minute period.  I (if you will excuse the pun) fleshed them out and also added some emotional development in the, errr, “action scenes” that is intended to advance the plot. I should also point out that I actually chose to write in a primarily “vanilla” style for this particular story since it suits the characters.  I can be much more explicit. ;-P

He’s Not There, Chapter 8: Together



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