Waiting Sucks: Eric and Pam preview

The extended clip that is on HBOGo, which has TWO Eric/Pam scenes. SPOILERS and SPECULATION ahead!  Turn back before the cut if you don’t want to know.

VIDEO: Waiting Sucks: Eric and Pam

Transcript of preview:

Opening: Fangtasia sign to set the scene.  On location, 9:37 pm, scene 4.10 take 1

Board noting season 5, episode 4, scene 10, with Romeo Tirone and Evans Brown’s names.

Pam is on her back on the floor of Fangtasia, with dark figure (that turns out to be Eric) leaning over her threateningly.

Eric: (in voice very unlike his usual one) You’re fucking lying!

Pam: (frightened and tearful) I’m not lying. I swear I don’t know where Russell is.

Eric pulls up his fangs and releases Pam, walking away in frustration

Pam, now standing, so presumably later in the scene: What’s happened to you? How could you think I would go and dig up Russell Edginton?

Eric: (grim and looking emotionally wasted) I trust no one.  You shouldn’t either.

Second set up:  On location, 7:21 pm, Scene 4.12, Take 3

Pam, speaking to Eric, who begins by facing away from her and then turning towards her part way through her speech:  A century together, and never once have I ever done anything to hurt you. To hurt us. If you can’t trust me more than Bill Compton (contemptuously) , or a werewolf, for Christ’s sake, then release me and get it over with. Just say the words. “As. Your. Maker. I release you.” Say it and we’re done.  Say it! (screams the last bit)

My thoughts:

General info: Episode 5.4 is titled We’ll Meet Again and according to casting calls, focuses in part on Terry and Patrick’s history in Iraq.  Romeo Tirone is known as a cinematographer and director, and usually works as director of photography, although he did direct 4.11, Let’s Get Out of Here.  Evans Brown has traditionally been a chief lighting technician, although he was promoted to Director of Photography for Let’s Get of Here.

Eric’s face kind of says it all:

His eyes look dead.

Compare this to the earlier screen cap from the promo that aired a few weeks ago:

 In the earlier clip, we’re meant to remember Amnesia!Eric (note the lack of the shirt and the hair falling over his forehead) and realize that “that” Eric is still present in fugitive Eric.  We see that what happened with Sookie has devastated him completely.

Apparently, the emotional toll that Sookie took on Eric’s well-being is even deeper than expected.  As he tells Pam, he trusts no one, not even a vampire he made (a shout-out to Godric’s teaching that “a vampire can only trust a vampire he made.”)

How bad is it? These pics actually reminds me of “my” fanfic Eric during his depression, particularly when Sookie was gone.  (If I steal the screen caps for banners, you’ll know why.) I was expecting some angst, but this is angst on a level previously only seen in fanfic, unless you count the rooftop scene with Godric.

And poor Pam, to be told that her beloved Eric no longer trusts even her, so much so that he thinks she may have betrayed him to Russell Edgington. “F*cking Sookie,” indeed.

At this point, I’m tenatively excited by this development.  I knew Eric was hurt by Sookie’s rejection, but I hadn’t expected the pain to be so painfully evident.   Of course, the caveat here is that I don’t want Eric to turn his lack of trust into destructive behavior that screws up the possibility of an E/S reunion in the long run.  And I can also see where Nora might be a healing influence because maybe he can trust her. But ultimately, I want to see what Sookie will do to win back Eric’s trust.  And, if I don’t see it on screen….well, you may end up reading about it in my writing.


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