Why ‘Eric Eric Eric’?

I’m setting up this blog as a space where I can keep my Eric & Sookie ‘stuff,’ including episode analyses from the E/S ‘shipper point of view, comments on spoilers,  my own fanfics and fan fic recs.

Calling it Eric Eric Eric is based on an incident with my son, who is on the autistic spectrum.  He sometimes has trouble grasping social concepts, so when trying to explain to him why talking about the same thing over and over and OVER was crazy-making to other people, I fortunately had a ready example:

“When Mommy talks about True Blood and Eric all the time, how do you feel?”


“Okay, so it is the same way when you talk about ____ all the time the same way.  Would you like it if Mommy was just constantly saying…ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC.”  (I say that as if that is NOT exactly what I do.)

“NO!!!” Accompanied by much gesturing of covering the ears and horrified grimacing.

So, the offspring and I struck a bargain.  I told him that the next time he was talking about a single topic too much, I would lean over and say to him, “EricEricEricEricEricEricEricEric!!!” to remind him about overkill.

It worked.

He has remarkably improved on the “learning not to bore our peers” front.

Not sure I can say the same.  Please feel free to chant “EricEricEric” at me when I start talking about TB or My Viking Boyfriend too much.  😉


4 responses to “Why ‘Eric Eric Eric’?

  1. Not just fanfic but child psychology too – excellent!

  2. Aw. That really is the cutest thing. Love that story! And how your love for all things Eric helped your son! 😀

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